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  • Dobrin Florica

    Dobrin Florica

    03 decembrie 2017

    “ Felicitări frumoșilor! Multă baftă in continuare! Va pup cu drag! ”

  • Răzvan George Batrinu

    Răzvan George Batrinu

    11 noiembrie 2017

    “ Timisoara Open Championship day 2 3rd place Junior 2 Latino Many thanks again to our coaches, mentors and families! ”

  • Bichis Luiza

    Bichis Luiza

    28 octombrie 2017

    “ mult succes in mai multe medalii..!!!! ”

  • Dinu Eva

    Dinu Eva

    28 octombrie 2017

    “ In pasi de dans tot mai sus! Felicitari! ”

  • Costel Sassu

    Costel Sassu

    28 octombrie 2017

    “ Nu va lasati si continuati aceasta frumoasa meserie, placuta si autorilor si vizionarilor. BAFTA IN CONTINUARE! ”

  • Dovydas Šutinys

    Dovydas Šutinys

    12 octombrie 2017

    “ Thanks Mircea Gavrila for invitation to great competition #tgp2017 it was a pleasure to dance here, see you next year ”

  • Denise Fratepietro

    Denise Fratepietro

    12 octombrie 2017

    “ I am very happy how Nicola Leprai & Martina Restuccia and Fabio Oliva & Jenifer Metallo danced this weekend in Sibiu, which was a great competition and would like to thank Mircea Gavrila for that. ”

  • John Olariou

    John Olariou

    12 octombrie 2017

    “ Once again, thank you for inviting me to this great competition to Mircea Gavrila !! a great atmosphere, a very good organization made by professional people !!hope to be there next year!:-) ”

  • Barbara Nagode Ambroz

    Barbara Nagode Ambroz

    12 octombrie 2017

    “ Thank you very much dear Mircea Gavrila, Daniela Apatiei, Śerban P. Rotaru and entire organizing team, teachers and dancers for a wonderful experience during Transylvanian Training Camp and competitions in Sibiu! ”

  • Vano Kandelaki

    Vano Kandelaki

    12 octombrie 2017

    “ Transylvanian Grand Prix 2017 🏆🇹🇩 an event dedicated to dancesport, took place in Sibiu, Romania this weekend, at Transylvania Hall. Thank you very much Mircea Gavrila for the invitation to this great event! Everything was perfect and we felt comfortable and great! Huge job is done - where the organizers’ attention is equally focused on the comfort and well-being of the officials, dancers, public - offering an environment suitable for this sport – from scenography, music, great atmosphere to a well-organized program!!! It was nice to see again many friends! Only some few of them are on these photos here... but there were many officials... and warm greetings to everybody! ❤ Now it's time to go home! ”

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